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Welcome All

Hello Everyone and welcome to sewbuprimitives. Hope you enjoy your visit! Here I will display all of my prim/folk designs, some from earlier and my newest designs. I will be adding often so please come back often! If you see something you like please do not hesitate to inquire by dropping me an email, At sewbu7@gmail.com ,I will always respond in a timely fashion. Other places you can visit me is http://www.oldprimitivesisters.com/ a wonderful market place filled with many talented artist. Thanks for spending time here see you soon

A very wonderful review from a very special customer

Hi Sherri,
I just have time for a quick note as I'm eating a sandwich for a quick lunch - but I wanted to let you know the bunnies and eggs arrived here safely on Wed. but I got them Wed. night when I got home - everything is BEAUTIFUL - just BEAUTIFUL - and I am very thankful to you - your work is impeccable and I actually cried when I looked at everything b/c you put such care into creating everything. Please know that I notice your excellent workwomanship on every single detail - the bunny's eyes are painted perfectly, your detail stitching is PERFECT, your painting & finishing is PERFECTLY done, the ribbons that you chose for the bunnies necks are lovely, the ribbons and gingham ties on the tops of the cellophane bags are also lovely, the eggs are SO!! very well made and I adore them - I love and am totally delighted with everything you so lovingly created for me - THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. I can't thank you enough. You're a superstar in my books.

Also - thanks for not being upset about the postal charges - I'm so relieved. Those goofballs at the PO should have told us that Priority would have had the same delivery date as the supposed Overnight - grrr - well, next time we'll be so far ahead of the game we'll be able to use Parcel Post!!
I had the best time working with you - just delight all the way - please keep in touch and I'll also let you know how sales go - send pics anytime of your new creations, or just drop me a line to say hi.
Bless you, Sherri, for your beautiful work and kind heart.

My Little 99 Greenjacket Peter's First game

My little tight end

My Boys at the Shore

My Boys at the Shore
Through the eyes of children the awe and wonderment reminds us that life is worth taking the time to stop and smell the roses

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Thank-you Donna P

A primitive sister gathering

A primitive sister gathering

Please visit oldprimitivesisters.com An online market place where you will find me as well as many talented Artist!

About Me

I am a mother of seven children. I love sewing and creating, and many of my ideas have been inspired by my children. I grew up in MA, but now live in PA and love it! I will try my hand at anything such as wood working, painting, designing etc, just to say I gave it I try. Please visit often as I am always adding new designs, and if you see something but you would like it just a little different to call your own please contact me and we will work together.